Our Team

About the Medical Clinic

Round Corner Medical Practice is a unique, well established family based Medical Practice.  We have a team of highly trained, experienced Doctors, Practice Nurses, Specialists and Allied Health who genuinely care about your well being.  Our goal is to provide each patient with the dedicated and individual health care they need.  Now, after celebrating over 30 years of healthcare to our local residents, we look forward to continuing to look after our home, The Hills, long into the future, with NEW patients always welcome.


General Practitioners



Our team of experienced and dedicated Registered Nurses are fundamental to our healthcare team.

They provide caring and sincere support to our Doctors and Patients alike, using theirs skills in such areas

as Triage, Immunisations, Education, Wound Care, Health Promotions, and Care Planning.

Visiting Specialist and Allied Health Services


Allied Health and Specialists are "visiting" to our Practice only, they do not form part of our practice team. 

For this reason, fees may apply – Please discuss with provider directly

Visiting Specialist General Surgeon


Dr John Ozmen is an Australian educated consultant general surgeon with both domestic and international training experience. He holds sub-specialty accreditation in upper-GI and bariatric surgery. He has considerable experience in laparoscopic (“key hole”) surgery, especially in the fields of hernia surgery, upper-GI (reflux surgery), weightloss (gastric sleeve, by-pass) and gallbladder surgery.